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Editorial work

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Not all authors are thrilled to be the prime minister's darlings by Mads Bager

The prime minister has started posting book recommendations on social media. But not all authors are thrilled to be used as a piece of her selfpromotion.


September 11th 2021 - 20 years after front page


Ten testimonies map the dangers kids face online by Lisa Bilgrav & Kristoffer Kræn

Blackmail, grooming and bullying is just some of the dangers kids face online. Experts give advice on how to handle ten situations.

Understanding the ABC of war and Russias next move by Mads Klitgaard

A military analyst illustrates Russia's road to victory over Ukraine in five chess moves.

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On the hunt for unlimited energy by Lars Henrik Aagaard

In a fusion lab in England, scientists managed to create a glowing mini sun for 5 sec. Could this be the answer to our growing need for energy?

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Erotic milestones by Sarah Iben Almbjerg

In a series of chapters Berlingske's film & media Editor Sarah Iben goes through films that has shaped our vision on erotics though-out time.

Psychologi series by Mads Bager

There's a tendency of depression and discourage spreading in the West. Psychologist Irene Oestrich gives her advice on how to tackle it.

Outlining the phones in the prime minister's office by Helene Holst, Michael Lund & more

The case of potential misconduct in the prime minister's office comes to an impasse, due to phones being swiped/changed around.


Freetown Christiania celebrates its 50th controversary by Jens Anton

Since its establishment in 1971, Christiania has been in the spotlight of politicians, police and news.


It's the story of lies and 940 kilos of precious stones by Nicolaj Vorre

In a little red house in Nyhavn, a new unknown company is claiming to own precious stones worth millions. But is it true?

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From landmines and airraids in Ukraine to an apartment in Vesterbro by Cathrine Bøgh 

After five days of being on the run from the war raging in Ukraine, 32 year old Mykhailyna finally arrives in her new home in Vesterbro - at least for now.

Generation single series by Christina Hilstrøm

Technology has really changed the dating market. While it's easier to make the first contact, there are a lot of indications that it's more difficult to close the deal and end up with a permanent partner.

Housing market series by Povl Dengsøe

Berlingske subscribers love reading about the housing market, which often drowns the site in a lot of generic pictures of houses. Here's a more graphic solution.

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